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Hawks News

Atlanta Hawks Preseason Report 2014 posted by Hawks News

Atlanta Hawks were lucky to have made eight seed with their 38 victories. Major setback was in December, when Al Horford was injured. However, capitalizing on their floor spread, the Hawks managed to win their matchup in the first round against Indiana Pacers. The Pacers were made to face seven games, and the Hawks did particularly well with emerging players like Jeff Teague and Paul Millsap. As the offseason began, Horford was back in play and everything seemed bright for the Hawks. However, the team was still concerned of Danny Ferrym their GM, who was rumored to be considering a rebuild.

There seemed to be a wing requirement during the offseason and the team needed to make cap room for pursuing important free agent. They were hoping for a LeBron James, or a Chris Bosh, considering they had the required money and talent to make this possible.  What they managed, was Andreian Payne, which was a steal, for their first round. Payne was ideally suitable for the team's system for rebound, shooting from the border, and scoring at the post.

Considering trades and free agency, Payne also provided good coverage, if the team lost Paul Millshap, which would work out quite expensive. However, cap-saving strategy of the team did not work so well. The team traded Noguiera and Lou Williams for John Salmons, who was given up. However, after it was all set for the massive free agent offer, the team did not land any big catch.

Nevertheless, the team was wise by not making any overpayments for a big player. This retains the team's flexibility for the next year, which could play a major role in the next season. The Atlanta Hawks displayed good potential this season, and they now have the ability of quickly rebuilding their team if needed.

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Hawks News

Betting on the Atlanta Hawks this Season posted by Hawks News

Cheering for a sports team is more fun and exciting if there is money involved. For most adults, cheering for their favorite teams or athletes is not complete if they don’t place a bet on their favorites. Take for instance, the NBA. Considered as the premier men’s basketball league in the world, the NBA is home to exciting athletes. NBA games are more fun to watch if there is betting involved. Adults will be thrilled to cheer on the Miami Heat if they place a wager on the team.

The NBA runs for almost eight months, including the NBA playoffs wherein 16 teams battle it out to determine the NBA champion. In that span of time, there are hundreds of games played. Bettors thus have a lot of games where they can bet for a certain team and win a lot of money if the team wins the game.

The strong teams like the NBA champion Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs are good picks for any person wanting to bet because of the good records of these squads. However, some sports fans also love putting their money on the weaker teams. In most betting games, teams that are not the odds-on pick to win generate more money for their bettors in case they win.

The beauty of betting for NBA teams is that one can place a wager anytime and anywhere. With the advent of the Internet, sports betting has become even more convenient. Mobile devices like smartphones can be used to place bets on NBA teams. Users simply have to log on to sports betting websites and from there, they can start placing their bets. Sports betting has also received a boost from mobile gambling. Today, many people are visiting sports betting websites or playing iPad casino games on their mobile phones and tablets.  

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Richard Kagan

Bulls Roll On Behind Rose's 34 points posted by Richard Kagan

The Chicago Bulls beat the Atlanta Hawks 94-76 tonight as the Bulls outrebounded the Hawks by an almost two to one margin, 50-28.  Kurt Thomas started for injured Carlos Boozer and hauled in 13 boards.  Joakin Noah added 11 of his own.  And, Derrick Rose, caught fire in the third quarter and scored 18 of his 34 points.  Rose is making a strong case for Most Valuable Player of the Year award.  He is the main reason why Chicago is heading toward 50+ wins this year.

This season it is not a question of if the Bulls make the playoffs, but how high they will finish in the Conference.  Who would ever think that the Bulls would be giving the Miami Heat with Lebron James, DWade, and Chris Bosch a battle?

This season, it has come together for Chicago.  Their coach, Tom Thibedeau, has done a masterful job, handling the injuries and finding the right player to fit in.  Give props to the Bulls bench, one of the strongest in the league.  Thomas got the nod tonight but it could have been Taj Gibson.  Kyle Korver, the guard has been the three point specialist, coming off the bench.  He finds a way to come through.

I like the Bulls to finish strong when Boozer returns to the lineup.  Give Luol Deng a game off.  He really deserves it.  He most averaging most minutes on the team, and one of the highest averages per game in the NBA.  The man has to be tired. 

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john howard

NBA Playoffs Eastern conference posted by john howard

It's the All-Star break and time to asses where the season is at.  There are roughly 30 games left and the trading deadline is looming.  Here is a look at the playoffs if they were today.

1 Cleveland vs.  8 Chicago

2 Orlando vs   7 Miami

3 Atlanta vs 6 Charlotte

4 Boston vs 5 Toronto

Chicago looks like they have regressed overall from last year. But lately, they have started getting into the groove. Derrick Rose is unreal and they might win a game but they won't beat Cleveland.

Miami has one of the top 3 players in the game in Dwayne Wade.  This team could look different by playoff time. No matter how the team looks, it would take an incredible performance for even Wade to beat out Orlando.

Charlotte is a great story of over achieving.  They might be able to push Atlanta to a game 6, but that would be the best they could do.

The quietest success has been Toronto.  They are the 5th seed and no one is talking about them.  They have a shot to beat the Celtics if Boston is plagued with injuries.  But this has been a good year so far for the Raptors.

Boston has fallen from favorite to the 4th seed.  They still have the experience and firepower to go all the way. But, to do that everyone is going to have to get healthy and be at peak level which hasn't happened this year. Time is running out on the Celtics.

3 Atlanta has the best team in years.  They could be the underdog favorite after the first round.  A matchup with Orlando in round 2 is going to be fun.  Should they get past the Magic, they will be convinced they can beat anybody. 

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Hawks soaring high on new NBA season posted by nbahawks

The Atlanta Hawks is creating a lot of buzz in the new season of the National Basketball Association.Despite their less stellar lineup, the Hawks is on top of the leader-board in the young season of the premier professional basketball league in the planet. The Hawks is currently sporting an impressive 11-2 record after they defeated the Houston Rockets 105-103 Friday night.High flying Hawks power forward Josh Smith played hero for the top team in the NBA by scoring on a put back from a miss by Hawks top point guard Mike Bibby with 0.7 seconds remaining. Marvin Williams, the starting small forward of the Hawks top scored for the team with 29 points to help defeat the Rockets, one of the top teams in the NBA Western Conference.The recent victory of the Hawks is remarkable since the Rockets are on the verge of defeating the team and hand them their third loss but the impressive play of Smith saved the youth laden ball club to escaped with a victory. Prior to his game winning shot, Smith stayed mostly from the bench due to foul trouble but he was able to returned in the waning moments of the game and lead his team to victory.The strong and impressive plays of the Hawks is getting huge praise from basketball fans and experts. During the off-season, the Hawks is not among the top contenders for the NBA crown this season due to their less star studded roster. However, despite the lack of big named players in its lineup, the Hawks still showed class and impressive talent to defeat 11 teams so far.Aside from the strong plays of its veteran players Smith, Bibby and Joe Johnson, the Hawks also get huge contribution from newly acquired NBA veteran Jamal Crawford who contribute in both offence and defence for the team. Aside from the Hawks, the run and gun Phoenix Suns is also playing good this NBA season. NBA superstars point-guard Steve Nash and power forward Amare Stoudamire are playing well to lead the Suns to an impressive record in the NBA.Fans of Hawks team can buy the tickets to watch the NBA game live.

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Scott Shepherd

New Era of NBA Bigs? posted by Scott Shepherd

Have you looked at the league leaders yet this season?

There are some familiar faces atop some of the big categories. Kobe leads the league in scoring. Nash leads the league in assists. Rondo leads the league in steals.


You almost expect to see those guys near the top of those categories.


But have you taken a look at the league leaders in rebounds? It’s not exactly a who’s who of NBA big men over the past few years.


Here’s the top ten:


1. Gerald Wallace 13.8

2. Marc Gasol 11.9

T3. Chris Bosh 11.6

T3. Carlos Boozer 11.6

5. Dwight Howard 11.1

6. Joakim Noah 11.0

T7. Brendan Haywood 10.7

T7. Al Horford 10.7

T7. Zach Randolph 10.7

10. Emeka Okafor 10.5


I know it’s still very early in the season, and inevitably some of these names will fall out of the top ten. But as of right now, only three of the top ten rebounders have ever played in an all-star game (Bosh, Boozer, Howard).


Last year, six of the top ten rebounders have been all-stars. The year before that the number was five. Before that, it was eight.


What does it all mean? Probably nothing. Like I said, it’s still early.


But, it could mean that there has been a shift in the way teams are putting together their rosters.


Earlier in the decade, there seemed to be a real focus on finding big guys who could not only rebound, but contribute offensively as well. The logic behind that makes sense; you want a player that can do everything in your lineup.

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john howard

Jamal Crawford to Hawks posted by john howard

The Hawks appear to be sending both backup point guards to Golden State for Jamal Crawford.  This brings makes signing Mike Bibby more imperative.  To do so, they may not match offers that Marvin Williams receives.  Acie Law and Speedy Claxton both are being shipped.  Neither really played much last year.  Joe Johnson lead the team in assist even though he isn't a point guard.  I doubt they will use him as one.  Andre Miller and Jason Kidd are both available on the market.  My bet is on Bibby returning. Crawford could play the point, but he would be better off as the 2 guard.  He did average 4.4 assist along wth 19.7 points.  

For Golden State, this move is to cut salary.  They aren't getting anything in return.  Maybe a potential back up in Law but, not likely. Monte Eillis can play the point with CJ Watson backing him up.  Crawford played 55 games last year, so they are use to playing without him.  They free up cap room is all they did.

 Atlanta just got better.

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john howard

Atlanta Hawks draft posted by john howard

The Atlanta Hawks had another good year. They keep taking steps closer to the Eastern finals.  To do so this year, they will have to deal with a lot of free agents.  Mike Bibby is the only starter that is a free agent and a very big key to this team.  Ronald Murray and Zach Pachulia were two key players off the bench that are also free agents.  Marvin Williams is a restricted free agent and will probably get a pretty good offer that Atlanta can match.  To keep things moving in the right direction, the Hawks have got to resign Bibby and not let Williams go either.  I don't think they will be able to keep all 4 players.  That's where we look at the draft.  Atlanta has the 19th and 49th picks.  The 19th pick could suit Atlanta well in the fact that in the past 14 years 9 bench players and 1 starter has come from that spot.  So, they should get someone off the bench.  The 49th pick has produced 3 bench players.  So, there is a shot there.  Today is a big day for many teams.  Atlanta's big day is still to come.Continue reading "Atlanta Hawks draft"

john howard

Atlanta Hawks summer posted by john howard

The Hawks continue to improve and will continue to improve providing the resign Mike Bibby.  The most important move they can make this summer is to retain the 31 year old point guard.  Last year he made 14million and they will have to be close to that to keep him.  If someone manages to lure him away, there is no viable option on the team. They have the 19th pick in the draft.  However, that won't yield them a player that is ready to step in.  There are three other options:

Jason Kidd would be a one or two year stop.  He would make the team better, but not enough to sacrifice the chemistry that is there with Bibby.

Andre Miller would be perhaps the best fit should Bibby leave.  If Bibby goes to Philly, expect Miller to arrive in Atlanta.

The most inriuging idea is Allen Iverson.  This guy might still have enough in the tank to take them another level higher.  It would be fun to watch.  Yet, the best bet might be to keep Bibby and find what everyone is looking for---an other inside scorer.

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Chris Strickland

Manny being Manny: The Latest twist in the Steroid Saga posted by Chris Strickland

Steroids has officially gone postal.

The list of all-star players who have been revealed to be using steroids: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Andy Pettitte, Jason Giambi, Miguel Tejada, Alex Rodriguez, now.......MANNY RAMIREZ.

It makes sense when you think about it. The baggy uniform. The dreads to cover up his huge head (they all have huge heads). How he erupted last year when he was with the Red Sox and practically mauled a team assistant. How he always used to spend time in the Green Monster and no one would question what he was doing. This brings us to my theory.

My theory of why Manny started juicing is because upon signing with the Sox, at his press conference, he swore to the front office, the media, and the Fenway Faithful that he was going to BEAT THE YANKEES. I'm sure he woke up the next morning, in an empty Boston apartment full of scattered Tecates, and uttered..."What happened last night?" It's like when you're drunk and you get carried away, you end up doing something you regret. Either you make a bad dance move, throw the ping pong ball into some girl's boobs at beer pong, or in Manny's case, make a promise to beat the most bad-ass dynasty in baseball at the time. Oops.

So the next morning, Manny calls up his friend. Say his friend's name is, um..."Big Papi." Let's call him that for now. "Big Papi" offers Manny something that can help him beat the Yankees.

Manny: "What you got, ese?"

Papi: "Don't call me ese."

Manny: "Sorry. I'm just being myself."

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Hawks eager to show strong start is no fluke

ATLANTA (AP) The Atlanta Hawks know it's going to take more than a couple of strong months to prove this franchise has really turned things around after so many dashed hopes. [read full article]

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